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Develop cross-plattform MVU GUI Applications using F# and Avalonia!
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Avalonia FuncUI

Avalonia FuncUI

Develop cross-platform MVU GUI Applications using F# and Avalonia!

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This library allows you to write cross-platform GUI Applications entirely in F# - No XAML, but a declarative Elm-like DSL. MVU (Model-View-Update) architecture support is built in, and bindings to use it with Elmish are also ready to use.

Getting started

Check out the Wiki (WIP - examples are currently for 0.1.x) and Examples.

🧱 Templates


Please contribute to this library through issue reports, pull requests, code reviews, documentation, and discussion.


Below is the code of a simple counter app (using the Avalonia.FuncUI.Elmish package).

module Counter =

    type CounterState = {
        count : int

    let init = {
        count = 0

    type Msg =
    | Increment
    | Decrement

    let update (msg: Msg) (state: CounterState) : CounterState =
        match msg with
        | Increment -> { state with count =  state.count + 1 }
        | Decrement -> { state with count =  state.count - 1 }
    let view (state: CounterState) (dispatch): IView =
        DockPanel.create [
            DockPanel.children [
                Button.create [
                    Button.onClick (fun _ -> dispatch Increment)
                    Button.content "click to increment"
                Button.create [
                    Button.onClick (fun _ -> dispatch Decrement)
                    Button.content "click to decrement" 
                TextBlock.create [
                    TextBlock.dock Dock.Top
                    TextBlock.text (sprintf "the count is %i" state.count)
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