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A node.js IRC bot for gathering data.
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databot - bot for passive IRC data gathering


Databot has been upgraded, and now implements configurable Winston logging of most major IRC events, as well as the rate of messages per minute in the joined channel.

Configuration object, currently in bin/databot:

 config = {
   server : "",
   nick : "WallyDater",
   userName : "databot",
   realName : "DateUhBawt",
   channels : [ "#Node.js" ],
   timespan : 60,
   rateFile : "ratelog.log",
   msgFile : "msglog.log",
   joins : true,
   parts : true,
   quits : true

To make databot quit, simply send the bot a private message containing the string GTFO!

That's all so far - issues, forks, and pull requests welcome!

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