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Awesome Controller

This is the official repository for the Awesome Controller firmware, which runs on the Arduino platform.

The various branches in this repository represent different steps in the evolution of the software.

Running the code

  1. Get yourself an Arduino.
  2. Get a USB host shield and attach it to your Ardiuno.
  3. Acquire a cheap bluetooth dongle, such as
  4. Create a raw dongle for the console that you want to use. A raw dongle is the console end of a controller cord. You'll need to cut open the cord and expose the wires so that they can be connected directly to the arduino. You could use a controller you already own, but there are other options if this is too great a sacrifice. You could buy a cheap used or 3rd party controller from your local video game store. There are also controller extension cords that can be purchased online or in stores. Here is an example:
  5. Install the Arduino environment/IDE:
  6. Open the awesome_controller.ino project file in the Arduino IDE
  8. Load and run the code on your Arduino!
  9. The software should detect which game console it is connected to automatically, and you can hopefully begin playing!

Hardware Schematics

In the "eagle" directory you will find files for use with EAGLE, a software suite for printed circuit board design. These are unfinished, but will be used if we have our own circuit boards printed.

Running Tests

The following instructions work for running the high-level tests on a Macbook Pro:

  • Dependencies
    • Requires Ruby 1.9+
    • brew install cmake (linking failed for me, so I had to brew link cmake afterwards)
    • gem install ffi