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Axa France GuilDEv

Open source from AXA France

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  1. A set of react components and HOC to make Oidc (Open ID Connect) client easy. It aim to simplify OAuth authentication between multiples providers.

    TypeScript 248 80

  2. Flexible components html + css + react using BEM convention. Maybe, you can call it "Design System" !

    TypeScript 87 40

  3. Skizzle Public

    A pull request manager app. Works with Azure DevOps account.

    TypeScript 37 9

  4. Microsoft Extensions DependencyInjection for WCF, and classic projects

    C# 12 4

  5. Some exercices to learn to use the Axa react-oidc packages

    JavaScript 10

  6. Some training and tools to improve in algorithm

    JavaScript 7 5



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