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Code Samples

This repository contains several Axon-based sample projects to explain specific topics. Axon usage extends itself from the repositories under the Axon Framework project, as well as the tools provided by AxonIQ like Axon Server.

Each Maven module within this project represents a different sample you can use, each with its own explaining the intent and usage. Some of these modules can actually be run, while others are a plain set-up. The latter typically are samples that don't require to be ran for additional or much needed explanation. If a module can be run, you may expect a docker-compose.yml to set up the infrastructure in most cases, as well as a " Spring Boot"-based main class.

Down below is an exhaustive list of all the sample:

  1. Axon-Spring Template - Sample project providing the scaffolding for a simple Axon- and Spring-based application.
  2. Distributed Exceptions - Sample showing how to deal with exceptions in a distributed application.
  3. Multitenancy - Sample showing 'a' approach to multitenancy.
  4. Reset Handler - Sample showing how to reset a StreamingEventProcessor.
  5. Saga - No TOAST in PostgreSQL - Sample showing a basis Saga, that's stored in a PostgreSQL without TOAST.
  6. Sequencing Policy - Sample showing how to set up a custom SequencingPolicy to adjust the event sequence for a StreamingEventProcessor.
  7. Set-Based Validation - Sample showing several approaches to implement set-based validation.
  8. Set-Based Validation - Actor Model - Sample showing how to implement set-based validation through a dedicated aggregate instance.
  9. Snapshots - Sample showing how to configure aggregate snapshotting.
  10. Stateful Event Handler - Sample showing a stateful event handler that can be used as a replacement for sagas.
  11. Subscription Query - REST - Sample showing how to use Axon's subscription query cleanly in a REST-based controller.
  12. Subscription Query - Streaming - Sample showing how to use Axon's subscription query cleanly in a streaming-based controller.
  13. Upcasters - Sample showing several implementations of upcasters.