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lkaupp commented Oct 5, 2020

I previously opend a feature request for a modifiable state within a selector (#1679), because i have a problem with the recalculation / slicing / preprocessing of the state, every time >100mb. Now i have read that you plan that the state is only recalculated if the output changes for v4 (not the parameters, )[would also exactly solve my recalc

jorge07 commented Sep 17, 2020

I would like to review the docs and explain also de concepts behind some decisions.
Things needed to explain:

  • DDD objectives and reasons why.
  • Core concepts like
    • bounded context
    • anti corruption layer
    • domain
    • value objects VS entities
    • aggregates
    • aggregate root
    • layered architecture and each one responsibility
    • reasons for the command and query bus
    • the even

This repo contains a sample application based on a Garage Management System for Pitstop - a fictitious garage. The primary goal of this sample is to demonstrate several software-architecture concepts like: Microservices, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Eventual Consistency.

  • Updated Oct 6, 2020
  • C#

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