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a datepicker in javascript using the Bootstrap design
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/!\ ATTENTION : This fork must be used as it is. If you want to improve it or fix issues, I highly recommend you to look at this other fork that has fixed lot of bugs and add several features. /!\

Datepicker for Bootstrap

All the credits must be sent to Stefan who wrote this script ( However I found it doesn't work with Bootstrap v2.0.2+ and also it doesn't work with IE8 (at least), so I decided to patch the file... except that Stefan doesn't have a github account for this script, so I've create one.

FYI If you want more features or if you have some new requests, please look at this other fork that will be more suitable.


See for examples.

New option

You can also call datepicker() with "destroy" to remove the Datepicker from an element

$('#id-element').datepicker("destroy"); // --> no more calendar when clicking on the element
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