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A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode
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Latest commit 27e0ed1 Jun 22, 2016 @acrobat acrobat committed on GitHub Merge pull request #1924 from clemens/close-datepicker-on-touchstart
Fix: Close datepicker on touchstart


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This is a fork of Stefan Petre's original code; thanks go to him for getting this thing started!

Please note that this fork is not used on Stefan's page, nor is it maintained or contributed to by him.

Versions are incremented according to semver.


You can use the CloudFlare powered on your website.

bootstrap-datepicker on cdnjs

Please note: It might take a few days until a new version is available on cdnjs.



Once you cloned the repo, you'll need to install grunt and the development dependencies using npm.

$ [sudo] npm install -g grunt-cli
$ npm install
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