Anonymity into your browser everywhere from any device
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Anonymity into your browser everywhere from any device

Crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter the 19th of June for 40 days, you're welcome to contribute

[iAnonym kickstarter campaign] (

Presentation :


Extended browserification of, using Tor or a Tor like network, one unique javascript code for all platforms.

9th February 2013 : first successfull complete communication from the browser with the OP js inside the browser, see the results [First loading - in black the OR,in white the OP inside the browser with web console messages] (

It's already fast while no optimization efforts have been made.

Browser's required modules and status :


  • mix node.js's Buffers and Typed Arrays --> OK, see
  • URL parser --> OK
  • HTTP parser --> OK
  • Secure script to control the page --> OK
  • self signed certificates generation (OP) --> OK
  • certificates verification (OP) --> OK
  • implement TLS protocol (OP, inside websockets, both client and server side) --> OK, see Ayms/abstract-tls
  • retrieve the certificate used for the first TLS connection between the page and the OP (Evil1 attack) --> OK, see Interception Detector
  • implement Tor protocol and websocket Tor protocol extension (OP, inside websockets) --> OK
  • Webcrypto like features (hash, encrypt, decrypt, rsa, aes, dh, etc) --> OK, cryptoJS, jsbn and polycrypt (conversion fonctions) + RELAY_INFO


Related :

Secondary interest :

Status and Tests :

####This section is deprecated since now everything is working inside the browser, we keep it for historical reasons.


You can try it Live (soon) :

See Details section for url encoding.

  • some requests can still appear to be on the domain, this is because for now urls contained in css files are not filtered.

The test configuration is :

[Browser] 		| <--socks--------------------------> |
				|									  |	[node-Tor_OR] <-----> [Tor Network] <-----> [Site]
[node-Tor_OP]	| <--websocket RELAY_WS/ASSOCIATE---> |

See Ayms/node-Tor for RELAY_WS/ASSOCIATE

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