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Configuration Settings

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In addition to host level settings that are configurable via host.json, there are also various things that you can configure via App Settings, which you can find on the Configure page in the Azure portal. When running locally, these same settings can be configured via environment variables.

Name Default Description
AzureWebJobsDisableHomepage false Set to "true" to disable the default landing page shown for the root of the Azure Functions site
FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION ~1 The version specifier governing the version of the Azure Functions runtime will be used. The default is ~1 which means always run with the latest version of the specified major version (in this case 1). This can also be set to a version string to pin the app to specific version (e.g. 1.0.12345).
AzureWebJobs_TypeScriptPath Path to the compiler used for TypeScript. This allows you to override the default if you need to.
AzureWebJobsDotNetReleaseCompilation true Specifies whether to use Release mode when compiling .NET code. The default is Release mode. Set to "false" to force debug compilation.
AzureWebJobsScriptRoot On Azure, %HOME%\site\wwwroot Specifies the path to the root directory where Functions live (i.e. where the host.json and individual function folders live). When running in Azure, will default to %HOME%\site\wwwroot.
APPINSIGHTS_INSTRUMENTATIONKEY Specifies the Application Insights key if you're using App Insights
WEBSITE_MAX_DYNAMIC_APPLICATION_SCALE_OUT Set a maximum number of instances that a function app can scale to. This limit is not yet fully supported - it does work to limit your scale out, but there are some cases where it might not be completely foolproof. We're working on improving this.
AzureWebJobsFeatureFlags Set to a comma delimited list of beta features to enable. Beta features enabled by these flags are not production ready, but can be enabled for experimental use before they go live.
WEBSITE_USE_PLACEHOLDER Set to 0 to disable placeholders.
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