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Azure Functions UX

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Getting started

  1. Install Prerequisites

  2. Clone and Build

git clone git@github.com:Azure/azure-functions-ux.git
# there is a gulp process to build and run everything
yarn install
yarn run gulp run-dev
  1. Allow SSL Connections Go to https://localhost:44300 and proceed to website in advanced section

  2. Visit https://portal.azure.com?websitesextension_ext=appsvc.env=local and load up Function Apps from browse

Code and branches


master: (https://functions-staging.azure.com)

This is connected to staging. After all scenarios are validated on staging we swap by running tools\SwapWithStagingSlots.ps1

dev: (https://functions-next.azure.com)

This is the next environment. This is never swapped, instead changes from dev get merged into master.

Development workflow

# make sure you're working on the dev branch
> git checkout dev

# create your own personal branch based on dev
> git checkout -b ahmels-work

# make all your changes in your branch
# commit and push these changes to github
> git push origin ahmels-work -u

# open a pull request.
# once everything is good, merge, rebase and push
> git checkout dev
> git merge ahmels-work
> git pull --rebase

# fix any conflicts
> git push origin dev

For control and styling samples go to https://functions.azure.com?appsvc.devguide=true

Angular 2 coding style

Code layout

The API surface is very limited:

# resource apis

# health pings by traffic manager and monitoring


Language: TypeScript

Framework: angular2

Check out https://angular.io