Azure IoT Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution
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Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

You can deploy preconfigured solutions that implement common Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios to Microsoft Azure using your Azure subscription. You can use preconfigured solutions:

  • as a starting point for your own IoT solution.
  • to learn about the most common patterns in IoT solution design and development.

Each preconfigured solution implements a common IoT scenario and is a complete, end-to-end implementation. You can deploy the Azure IoT Suite remote monitoring preconfigured solution from, following the guidance outlined in this document. In addition, you can download the complete source code from this repository to customize and extend the solution to meet your specific requirements.

Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution

The remote monitoring preconfigured solution illustrates how you can perform end-to-end monitoring. It brings together key Azure IoT services to enable the following features: data ingestion, device identiy, command and control, rules and actions.

Contents of this repository

Docs folder:

Other useful IoT Suite documentation:

EventProcessor folder:

  • Azure Worker Role that hosts an Event Hub EventProcessorHost instance to handle the event data from the devices forwarding event data to other back-end services or to the remote monitoring site

Visual Studio solution:

  • RemoteMonitoring: contains the source code for the complete preconfigured solution, including the solution portal web app, the EventProcessor web job, and the Simulator web job.


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