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Azure IoT PCS Remote Monitoring Web UI
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Azure Remote Monitoring WebUI

Web app for Azure IoT Remote Monitoring Solution dotnet and java.


1. Deploy a Remote Monitoring Solution

Deploy to Azure

The easiest way to test the Web UI is against a deployed remote monitoring solution. The solution can be deployed via the web interface or via the command line.

It is also possible to deploy the solution locally.

2. Setup Dependencies

  1. Install node.js
  2. For development, you can use your preferred editor

3. Environment variables required to run the Web UI

In order to run the Web UI, the following environment variables need to be created at least once. More information on configuring environment variables here.

  • REACT_APP_BASE_SERVICE_URL = {your-remote-monitoring-endpoint}

The endpoint given above is the base url you navigate to in order to see your deployed solution.

The Web UI configuration is stored in app.config.js. You can edit this file to update the endpoints.

Build, run and test locally

  • cd ~\pcs-remote-monitoring-webui\
  • npm install
  • npm start: Launches the project in browser - watches for code changes and refreshes the page.
  • npm run build: Creates a production ready build.
  • npm test: Runs test in watch mode, press q to quit

Project Structure

The Web UI contains the following sections under src:

  • assets: Contains assets used across the application. These include fonts, icons, images, etc.
  • components: Contains all the application react components. These in include containers and presentational components.
  • services: Contains the logic for making ajax calls as well as mapping request/response objects to front end models.
  • store: Contains all logic related to the redux store.
  • styles: Contains sass used across the application mixins, theming, variables, etc.
  • utilities: Contains helper scripts used across the application.

Contributing to the solution

Please follow our contribution guildelines and the code style conventions.

Customizing the solution

Please see our developer walkthroughs for more information on customizing and adding to the application.


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

You can find a guide to using it here.

Core technologies overview

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