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Mute is an AdBlock filter for hiding user comments. Surf without the noise.
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Mute - An AdBlock Plus Filter

Who hasn't innocently started to read comments on a newspaper article, blog post, or YouTube video only to deeply regret it? And haven't we all gotten into a pointless debate simply because we accidentally noticed that someone on the Internet was wrong? We make a mental vow to never read comments again, but alas, we fail.

Mute is an AdBlock Plus filter for user comments. It transparently hides user-generated comments so you can browse the Internet with less stupidity clawing at your eyeballs.

Mute removes comments from web pages where the comments aren't the primary focus, such as YouTube, blogs, and newspapers, but it leaves comments that are the focus, such as user reviews on Amazon and comments on Facebook, reddit, or forums. User generated content that is the central focus should remain untouched. In short, the goal is to filter out the noise.


Mute is an AdBlock Plus add-on filter, so you must first have the AdBlock Plus extension installed in your web browser.

Add the Mute filter to AdBlock using these steps, summarized here:

  1. Click AdBlock and select "Filter Preferences".
  2. Under the "Filter subscriptions" tab click "Add filter subscription" then "add different subscription".
  3. At the bottom, choose a subscription title like "Mute Comments" and enter the following into the filter list location:

What if I want to view blocked comments?

Disabling AdBlock will disable this filter as well. You can disable AdBlock Plus through the normal means, such as on a specific page or an entire site.


Bugs are tracked through this project's GitHub issue tracker. Create an issue there if:

  • something is blocked when it shouldn't be
  • something isn't blocked when it should be

When submitting an issue, include the URL (not the site name, not the domain, the full URL) and the browser you were using.

Pull requests are welcome. If you want to help, please see the document


The contents of this project are under the MIT License; a very non-restrictive license. See

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