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A simple tool to decloak/expose the bucket name behind a domain.
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A simple tool to decloak/expose the bucket name behind a domain.

So... the idea here is to have a tool that will implement all the checks in these two resources:

And any other for AWS/Azure/GCP or any other similar provider.


  • Clone this repo.
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Run.
$ python3 -d [REDACTED].com -o [REDACTED].json
[i] No CNAME record returned
[!] S3 bucket FQDN found in: [REDACTED]
[i] The match in the name of the domain and the bucket we found may be a lucky coincidence.
[i] No S3 bucket found with url %C0 trick. 
 $ cat [REDACTED].json
    "bucket_name": "[REDACTED].com",
    "cloudfront": null,
    "cloudfront_name": null,
    "provider": "aws"

Info / Adding a check

The findings or useful information in the bucket are stored in the class "Bucket":

class Bucket:
    def __init__(self):
        self.provider = None
        self.bucket_name = None
        self.load_balancer = None
        self.load_balancer_name = None
        # The attribute certain can be True/False if the check is not reliable
        self.certain = True

The checks implemented will be run by passing the domain and an object of the class Bucket:

bucket = Bucket()
yourcustom_check(args.domain, bucket)

That custom check may change properties on the bucket that will reflect the information obtained from it. For example:

def yourcustom_check(domain, bucket):
    // Do your magic here
    bucket.provider = "gcp"
    bucket.bucket_name = "supersecretbucket-123"

To Do

  • Create a simple script that will try to guess the bucket from a domain name
  • Implement GCP buckets checks
  • Implement Azure buckets checks
  • Add the method used to fingerprint the bucket in the results
  • Implement @fransrosen's script checks (link above)
  • Timeout for functions
  • Add more files to be checked in the "torrent" trick (now only checking for index.html?torrent)
  • Force "in code" the list of providers that can be set ["aws","gcp","azure"]


I suck at coding, so feel free to insult me or to completely refactor this piece of cr*p.

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