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Development dependencies


Rails requires Java version 8 or higher.

Be sure the JAVA_HOME environmental variable is set.



On macOS:

brew install postgres

Set up user account

On macOS:

psql postgres
CREATE user blacklight WITH PASSWORD 'password';
ALTER user blacklight createdb;
CREATE DATABASE jesuit_bibliography_development WITH ENCODING='UTF8' OWNER='blacklight';



Install the most recent Solr 8.x version through the official package installer or through the local system package manager, e.g., brew.

Add new core

Once installed, add a new blacklight-core core.

/path/to/solr-install/bin/solr create -c blacklight-core

Use custom Solr config files

Copy the following config files to the blacklight-core directory.

cp /path/to/project/jesuit-bibligraphy/solr/blacklight-core/conf/* /path/to/solr/8.8.2/server/solr/blacklight-core/conf/

Then restart Solr.

/path/to/solr-install/bin/solr restart

Generate Rails SECRET_KEY_BASE

This command will generate a unique and secure string, which will be used for environment's SECRET_KEY_BASE value.

rake -T secret

Rails environmental variables

Add the following to your ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile file.

export SECRET_KEY_BASE="abcdef...7890"
export RAILS_ENV="development"
export SOLR_URL=http://localhost:8983/solr/blacklight-core
export SOLR_CONF_HOME=/path/to/solr-install/server/solr/blacklight-core/conf

Activate the new environment variables in your current shell.

source ~/.bash_profile
if you used brew to install Solr then SOLR_CONF_HOME should be similar to /usr/local/Cellar/solr/8.8.2/server/solr/blacklight-core/conf

Useful import commands for development

Drop the local database

rake db:drop

Rebuild the database with all the migrations

rake db:migrate

Import test users:

rake import:users
The import:pages task will create the static page records if they do not already exist. This task will not overwrite existing records.

Import default static pages

To load all the static 'About' pages into the app.

rake import:pages

Import test users and default static pages

rake import:all
All importdata tasks are interactive and will require user interaction to run.

Seed Thesis Types:

Seed the database with a set of default thesis_types.

rake db:seed

Reseed Thesis Types:

rake db:seed:replant

Import set of sample records

rake importdata:books
rake importdata:book_chapters

Import all sample records (and create their citations)

rake importdata:all

Clear all Bibliograhy records

rake importdata:clear_all

Update local Solr instance with project config files (see this directory.)

rake solr_config:update

Restart local Solr instance

/path/to/solr-install/bin/solr restart

Solr indexing

Use the Rails sunspot gem to index all the Bibliography records.

rake sunspot:reindex

Rebuild citations

We have a separate task to (re)build the citations for all citation records in the database.

This task will take a while to complete!
rake importdata:generate_citations

Make DB backups

rake db:dump:all                       # dump all database tables; saves with name format `20210617_jesuit_bibliography_development_development.sql`
rake db:dump:table                     # dump a specific database table
rake db:dump:restore pattern=20210617  # restore a specific db backup; note the pattern parameter
rake db:dump:list                      # list all db backups


Want to completely clear out and restart your local development database? Run the following commands in succession:

rake solr_config:update    # update Solr config
solr restart               # restart Solr instance
rake solr_config:dropall   # drop all records from Solr instance
rake db:reset              # runs the following commands: `db:drop` and  `db:create` and  `db:migrate`
rake db:seed               # seed the thesis types
rake import:all            # import sample users and sample static pages
rake importdata:all        # import 2635 sample bib records
rake sunspot:reindex       # reindex Solr

Deployment to Staging

  1. Update the staging.rb config file :branch parameter with your staging branch name. The default branch name is staging.

  2. Update credentials.yml.enc

EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit

The file will look similar to this:

secret_key_base: 01234567890
test_account_password: password

  secret_key_base: 01234567890
  db_user: blacklight
  db_pass: password
  db_name: staging_database_name
  db_host: localhost
  1. Add the following env vars to the /etc/environment or equivalent file on the staging server:
export RAILS_MASTER_KEY=01234567890
export SECRET_KEY_BASE=01234567890
export RAILS_ENV=staging
export SOLR_URL=http://localhost:8983/solr/blacklight-core
export SOLR_CONF_HOME=/home/blacklight/apps/bc-jesuit-bibliography/shared/solr-8.8.2/server/solr/blacklight-core/conf
  1. Copy over the master.key file over to the staging server at /home/blacklight/apps/bc-jesuit-bibliography/shared/config/master.key

Note: This is a backup incase capistrano can't access the ENV["RAILS_MASTER_KEY"] value.

Deploy commands

cap staging deploy                                          # deploy the app and run any new migrations

cap staging deploy:rake task=solr_config:dropall            # drop all records from Solr instance
cap staging deploy:rake task=solr_config:update             # update Solr config  -- alias to `cap staging deploy:solr:update`
cap staging deploy:rake task=sunspot:reindex                # reindex Solr;       -- alias to `cap staging deploy:solr:reindex`

cap staging deploy:rake task=db:drop                        # drop the database   -- better to run `cap staging deploy:db:reset`
cap staging deploy:rake task=db:create                      # create the database -- better to run `cap staging deploy:db:reset`
cap staging deploy:rake task=db:migrate                     # run migrations      -- better to run `cap staging deploy:db:reset`
cap staging deploy:rake task=db:seed                        # seed the thesis types
cap staging deploy:rake task=import:all                     # import sample users and sample static pages
cap staging deploy:rake task=importdata:all_noninteractive  # import 2635 sample bib records
cap staging debug:env                                       # show all env vars that capistrano can access on the staging server

cap staging deploy:rake task=db:dump:all                    # dump all database tables
cap staging deploy:rake task=db:dump:table                  # dump a specific database table
cap staging deploy:rake task="db:dump:restore pattern=foo"  # restore a specific db backup by using a pattern to match an sql dump -- run `cap staging puma:stop` before running, and `cap staging puma:start` after
cap staging deploy:rake task=db:dump:list                   # list all db backups

cap staging deploy:db:reset                                 # clears then rebuilds database with `db:reset` and `db:seed` and `import:all` and `importdata:all_noninteractive`

See staging.rb for more details on these rake tasks.

Reindex SOLR index by document reference type

The following deploy commands can be used on any of the following document reference types:

  • book
  • book_chapter
  • book_review
  • journal_article
  • dissertation
  • conference_paper
  • multimedia

Reindex all citation records by type.

cap staging deploy:rake task=solr_config:reindex_by_type:book

Update and reindex all citation records by type by type. Note: This command will change the modified_by and updated_at values for each record.

cap staging deploy:rake task=solr_config:update_by_type:book

See solr_config.rake for more details on these rake tasks.

Restart Solr

Log into the staging server and run:

cd /home/blacklight/apps/bc-jesuit-bibliography/shared/solr-8.8.2/
./bin/solr [restart|stop|start]

Deployment to Production

Make sure you have access to the production server. To deploy master to production:

cap production deploy                # deploy the app and run any new migrations
cap production deploy:solr:update    # update Solr config
cap production deploy:solr:reindex   # reindex Solr


Custom Blacklight instance for BC Library's Jesuit Bibliography project



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