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BGforge multi-language server

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BGforge MLS is a VScode extension adding support for Star-Trek Scripting Language (ssl) used in Fallout 1 and 2 games, and several file formats (d, baf, tp2, tra, 2da) used by WeiDU and Infinity Engine, as well as Sword Coast Stratagems Scripting Language (ssl/slb).



  1. Search for BGforge in VScode marketplace, like any other extension. (Alternatively, download the package from Github releases tab and install it manually.)
  2. Check general settings.
  3. Check file associations.
  4. Check hotkeys.
  5. Enable custom theme and icon theme.
  6. (Infinity Engine) Install IElib.


  • CTRL+R: compile (Fallout ssl) or parse (WeiDU tp2) file, reporting errors if any.


Infinity Engine highlighting and completion

infinity highlighting and completion example

Fallout highlighting and hovers

fallout highlighting and hover example

Error reporting

error reporting example