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A CPU and GPU-accelerated matrix library for data mining
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BIDMat is a very fast matric algebra library. Check the latest benchmarks

The github distribution contains source code only. To build the system, you need a Java JDK 8, an installation of CUDA 8.0 (if you want to use NVIDIA GPUs), and a copy of apache maven 3.x. On windows, you also need a unix command package like cygwin. With those prerequisites, you can do:

mvn clean install

to build and install and then


To start bidmat. More detailed installation and building instructions are available here.

The main project page is here.

Documentation is here in the wiki

BIDMat is a sister project of BIDMach, a machine learning library, which is also on github

Take a look at BIDMach_RL, a new project on reinforcement learning which has state-of-the-art implementations of several RL algorithms: on github

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