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BLS Node

Brooklyn Law School Legal Hackers Chapter Node of the distributed OpenMedia Legal Hack Event Series October 2018.

We look forward to co-hosting the NY Node at the Bushwick Generator on October 20, 2018. We invite programmers, lawyers, students, artists, and thinkers to join in this international initiative. We will explore and develop creative solutions for the ownership, protection, distribution, and exchange of property rights to data and digital assets from artists and creators of artistic mediums and the music and media industries.

Some of the pressing issues that we would like our participants to engage with include: limiting the copy of a creative release, preventing a copy of creative content from being reproduced (and other DRM topics), developing creative accounting tools, projects inspired by band-in-a-box, creative solutions for trademark protection, trademark and copyright using VR, and more to come.

If you believe that you can offer topics/legal issues that musicians and content creators face on a digital landscape that you would like to be addressed at the event – please join our Telegram channel and share those perspectives with the team: