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.tx Locale: enhance translation update script Jun 24, 2018
3rdParty Build: optionally disable webview support in wxWidgets Jan 29, 2018
android Locale: Update localization files [skip ci] Jun 24, 2018
api Mac GFX Library: fix bugs introduced in commit baac677 when rendering… Feb 4, 2018
apps compile fix in apps/upper_case.cpp Jul 6, 2013
client Merge pull request #2629 from BOINC/dpa_warnings Aug 14, 2018
clientctrl Fix copyright symbol Apr 30, 2018
clientgui Merge pull request #2643 from BOINC/RDH_ProjInfoPage Aug 17, 2018
clientscr Merge pull request #2598 from LocutusOfBorg/patch-1 Jul 20, 2018
clientsetup/win Remove VS2010 compiler warnings. A few remain. Aug 2, 2018
clienttray Fix copyright symbol Apr 30, 2018
coprocs/NVIDIA COPROCS: Update the NVAPI library to r334 Apr 30, 2014
curl client - Update ca-bundle.crt to latest copy of certificates from Jan 26, 2018
db Merge pull request #2518 from BOINC/dpa_credit4 May 29, 2018
doc Windows installer: change custom action to write installer filename t… Nov 9, 2017
drupal Merge pull request #2626 from drshawnkwang/drupal_feature-forum-acl-c… Aug 16, 2018
html Merge pull request #2631 from BOINC/dpa_forum Aug 14, 2018
lib Merge pull request #2643 from BOINC/RDH_ProjInfoPage Aug 17, 2018
locale Merge pull request #2572 from BOINC/cb_update_l10n_scripts Jul 3, 2018
m4 Build: fail if wxWidgets lib can not be found but is required Oct 25, 2017
mac_build Merge pull request #2607 from BOINC/fix_mac_sa_secure_script_comments Jul 20, 2018
mac_installer Merge pull request #2623 from BOINC/caf_detect_changed_new_vsn_ck_url Aug 3, 2018
packages MGR: Update BOINC icon set to v5. Mar 5, 2014
py web: add <enable_delete_account>0</enable_delete_account> to default May 1, 2018
samples Merge pull request #2629 from BOINC/dpa_warnings Aug 14, 2018
sched Remove VS2010 compiler warnings. A few remain. Aug 2, 2018
stripchart use MAXPATHLEN and sizeof() a few places; from Gianfranco May 22, 2013
test - A bunch of tweaks from Steffen Moller, e.g. using MAXPATHLEN Sep 21, 2012
tools Update make_project Aug 9, 2018
vda Server: use MAXPATHLEN for char arrays when they contain filenames Apr 25, 2016
win_build Merge pull request #2621 from xupiter/master Aug 10, 2018
xcompile Fixed avx detection on GCC windows compiles Jun 20, 2014
zip update lib/Makefile.mingw 'clean' and 'wrapper' targets Mar 23, 2017
.gitattributes repository: Change line endings in code of conduct to unix style and May 23, 2018
.gitignore Build: Add python bytecode files and py/lib/Boinc to .gitignore Mar 8, 2018
.scrutinizer.yml Web: update scrutinizer settings Mar 10, 2017
.travis.yml Build Travis: fix wrong command chaining Jan 29, 2018
.vimrc wuwj sandbox file selection filter Mar 2, 2012 repository: Change line endings in code of conduct to unix style and May 23, 2018
COPYING COPYING is the GPL license; COPYING.LESSER is additional text for LGPL. Mar 6, 2017
COPYING.LESSER - web: added copyright and license info to PHP files Aug 5, 2008
COPYRIGHT Update links in license files to point correct link to sources Feb 17, 2018
INSTALL [1153] typo in file INSTALL Jan 12, 2016 BUILD: boinc_zip library is needed by wrapper Feb 12, 2015
Makefile.incl sign_executable: remove dependence on MySQL libs Jan 20, 2017 - HTTPS Link for Oct 7, 2017
TODO_OLD *** empty log message *** Sep 26, 2002
_autosetup _autosetup: use sh instead of bash, no longer check for gmake Feb 29, 2016
appveyor.yml [AppVeyor] Add more directories to ignore list Jan 27, 2018
bolt_checkin_notes.txt - Filter questions Nov 3, 2008
build_pos Locale: permanently move web translations Nov 16, 2016
checkin_notes Check email list Jul 27, 2015
checkin_notes_2002 - client: use [wfd] consistently Nov 27, 2009
checkin_notes_2003 *** empty log message *** Apr 28, 2005
checkin_notes_2004 *** empty log message *** Apr 28, 2005
checkin_notes_2005 - client: timezone reflects daylight savings time (Win) Aug 10, 2007
checkin_notes_2006 - Removed the svn:executable property from files that should not be e… Oct 10, 2007
checkin_notes_2007 - fixed bug in upgrade Jan 1, 2008
checkin_notes_2008 - client/scheduler: standardize the FLOPS estimate between NVIDIA and… Oct 16, 2009
checkin_notes_2009 - client: tweak translatable msg Aug 5, 2010
checkin_notes_2010 - lib: fix compile warning Jun 23, 2011
checkin_notes_2011 svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=24961 Jan 1, 2012
checkin_notes_2012 House Keeping Mar 4, 2013
checkin_notes_samples Mac Samples: adjust XCode project for current source file names (*.cp… Feb 11, 2009 update installshield files; update version #s; fix Win custom action … Jul 17, 2018
coverity-model.cpp add coverity model file Oct 23, 2015 Fixed when building on detached head Feb 27, 2016 Optimize gitlog script Mar 4, 2013 more 2016->2017 changes Jan 12, 2017
notes master URL Jun 21, 2002
project_specific_defines.h svn path=/trunk/boinc/; revision=26001 Aug 9, 2012
set-version *** empty log message *** Dec 6, 2004
testbase *** empty log message *** Dec 20, 2003
todo - Removed the svn:executable property from files that should not be e… Oct 10, 2007
version.h update installshield files; update version #s; fix Win custom action … Jul 17, 2018 BUILD: Re-enable the alpha/beta flag for the master branch. Jul 30, 2014
version.log update installshield files; update version #s; fix Win custom action … Jul 17, 2018


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The University of California holds the copyright on all BOINC source code. By submitting contributions to the BOINC code, you irrevocably assign all right, title, and interest, including copyright and all copyright rights, in such contributions to The Regents of the University of California, who may then use the code for any purpose that it desires.


BOINC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

BOINC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with BOINC. If not, see