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Flex 3/4 sample applications to demonstrate usages of the BabelFx (l10nInjection) framework
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Updated Swiz_CafeTownsend demo

Now uses [BabelFx-for-Swiz]( library
Updated Constants to use [BabelFx()] tags and injection
Updated LoginView, MainView
- now uses [BabelFx(event="BabelFxEvent.*)] to invoke view handler when locales or parameters change.
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GettingStarted_withSwiz Added Demos of BabelFx with Swiz IoC
Intranet Update demos to work with BabelFx v2.0 build Update demos to resolve …
ItemRenderers Added Demo UsingItemRenderers
ParameterTest Added demos/samples
Swiz_withPopups Added Demos of BabelFx with Swiz IoC
UsingExternalBundles Added demos/samples
UsingParsley Adding Demo using Parsley and SpiceLib
flexstore4 Updated FlexStore demo
registrationDemo Updated ReadM e document
swiz_cafeTownsend Updated Swiz_CafeTownsend demo
viewStates Added Demo UsingItemRenderers
.gitignore Added Demos of BabelFx with Swiz IoC
Icon.png Added Demo UsingItemRenderers

Sample Applications and Usages with BabelFx (fka l10nInjection)

It is strongly recommend that developers 1st download the BabelFx Library Project and compile the Framework_BabelFx swc with the SDK of their choice (the same SDK that your custom Flex application will also use).

Using the Framework_BabelFx.swc, these samples demonstrate real-world usages and the resulting power of IoC and runtime localization injections.

Samples Listing

  • GettingStarted - Beginner project with steps that demonstrates how easy it is to add BabelFx localization.
  • Intranet - Localization with Modules and Mate IoC framework
  • FlexStore4 - Localization with external, dynamcially loaded resource bundles
  • Registration - Localization with Cairgorm and Forms. Localization of PNGs, skins, and text.
  • CafeTownsend - Localization with Swiz
  • ViewStates - Localization with Flex 4 and runtime view states.
  • Using Parsley - Localization with Parsley Ioc Framework
  • Using ItemRenderers - Localization with ItemRenderers (Spark)
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