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* Clone Support for babylon entities

Add support for Geometries to BabylonEntities
Add support for cloning to BabylonEntities
Insert Cloning into the Max Export workflow
Change the GLTFExport to support Geometries indirection

* GLTF support for clone

Add support for instanciated primitive into GLTF export

* cleanning

* Add support for checkbox for clone

Add useClone check box to the exporter form
Add useClone property to the MaxExporterParameters
Update Signature to accept MaxParameter intstead of ExportParameter

* rename variables and optimize instances

* replace "default"

Max and maya 2019 do not support c# v7. Avoid using default literal

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Babylon.js exporters

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Get the latest installer for our exporters here:

Documentation on the 3ds Max exporter is available here:
Documentation for exporting from 3ds Max to glTF is available here:

Documentation on the Maya exporter is available here:
Documentation for exporting from Maya to glTF is available here:

Any questions? Here is our official forum.

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