A free 2D game engine with Lua scripting, designed with rapid prototyping in mind.
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test/Maximum Yak Maniac



by Andrew G. Crowell (Overkill / Bananattack)


Plum is a free game engine for making 2D games in Lua. Plum's aim is to be easy, lightweight, completely free, and powerful. You get simple, usable components out of the box, but there is a great degree of finer control when you need it. The result is a balanced game-making experience that should appease both new people and control freaks.

It supports all the basic needs of a simple 2D game:

  • Scripting with Lua 5.2
  • Support for major desktop platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics rendering
  • Software canvases for image processing
  • Audio playback
  • Tilemaps
  • Sprites
  • Timing
  • Keyboard input
  • Mouse input
  • Joystick input
  • Files


  • To compile on Windows (Visual Studio 2013): Open up plum.sln, then hit Build Solution, and everything should work. The compiled executable is named "plum.exe".
    • For release builds, it is located in the test/ folder.
    • For debug builds, it is located in the Debug/ folder
  • To compile on Mac OS X (Mac OS X 10.9):
    • Install the command line developer tools, or install Xcode (which also installs them).
    • Open a terminal and type make at the root of this source tree.
    • If it succeeds, there should be an excutable bundle named "Plum.app" located in the test/ folder.
  • To compile on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04):
    • First, acquire the necessary packages:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev
    libx11-dev libxxf86vm-dev libxrandr-dev libxi-dev libasound2-dev
    - Next, open a terminal and type `make` at the root of this source tree.
    - If it succeeds, there should be an excutable named "plum" located in the `test/` folder.


Once built, feel free to move the Plum executable out of the test/ folder and place it in another folder that has a system.lua script. The Maximum Yak Maniac demo under the test/ folder is one such example. (There might more examples in the future!)


Plum is released under the BSD 3-Clause License:. It frees you to contribute, to create derivative works, to use it in commercial projects, among other things without too much thought -- so long as you follow the conditions of the license, which are pretty friendly.

I don't really care that much about what you do with it, I'm giving you something that I worked on, and maybe it's useful. Please read the license.md file included in this repository for full details though.