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Banano is a cryptocurrency utilizing a block-lettuce™ architecture.
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What is Banano?

Banano is designed to be a feeless, instant, high throughput cryptocurrency for the meme economy.

Key features

  • Banano utilizes a novel block-lettuce architecture.
  • Instant and Feeless transactions.
  • Fungible (& Edible).
  • Daily potassium airdrops.
  • Ripe for memes.
  • Literally grows on trees, no mining required.
  • Not a Shitcoin (until digested).
  • No more confusing prefix, Bananos contain Banoshis.
  • Replay Protection to stop attackers from executing replay attacks from chain X on chain Y and vice versa.

Key facts

  • Forked from NANO (raiblocks)
  • Total Supply: 3,402,823,669.20
  • Born in Feb. 2018, Mainnet launch April 1st, 2018

For more information, see


Build instructions

Running a Docker node

Want to contribute?

Contact us

You can reach us via the Discord or our Reddit. You can also file an issue.

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