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Python code for AI Nanodegree Term2 Projects (Keras+Tensorflow)
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Artificial Intelligence Engineer Nanodegree


Collection of python AI projects created for Udacity AI Nanodegree course (Term2)

It have practical projects in the field of AI using modern libraries and frameworks such as Keras and Tensorflow.


  1. Dog-Project (Image Processing):
    It is Jupyter notebook that analyze dog images and predict the breed with different python code methods and analyze the different between each method.
  2. AIND2-RNN Project(Natural Language Processing):
    Time Series Prediction and Text Generation.
  3. AIND2-NLP-Sentiment Lab:
    Sentiment analysis for IMDB user reviews with different models and comparison.
  4. Machine Translation Project (it is in stand alone repository) :
    Capstone project of the course with different NLP models and advanced techniques.
    'Reviewer feedback on Capstone project: I enjoyed seeing your predicted translations which your notebook printed in the last step. Wow! Your model correctly predicts both sentences!'
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