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A simple Battlesnake AI written in Ruby
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A simple Battlesnake AI written in Ruby with Sinatra.

This is loosely based on Heroku's official Getting Started with Ruby App.


App Overview

  • web.rb is where the three actions must be implemented: start, move, end

  • Each handler is already set up to parse and render JSON.

Setup and Installation

1. Install Ruby

These steps assume you've installed ruby locally. If you haven't, a good Ruby version manager is rbenv or asdf with asdf ruby.

If you're opting for rbenv, this might be handy: Install Ruby

2. Fork and clone this repo:

git clone
cd starter-snake-ruby

3. Install Bundler:

gem install bundler

4. Install dependencies:

bundle install

5. Run the server:

foreman start web

Test the client in your browser: http://localhost:5000

Deploying to Heroku

Click the Deploy to Heroku button at the top or use the command line commands below.

Create a new Heroku app:

heroku apps:create APP_NAME

Push code to Heroku servers:

git push heroku master

Open Heroku app in browser:

heroku open

Or go directly via

View/stream server logs:

heroku logs --tail
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