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Baun is a modern, lightweight, extensible CMS for PHP. Inspired by my last CMS Pico, Baun has been desgined from the ground up as a modern PHP application whilst retaining the same features that made Pico so popular:

  • Simple - Baun makes creating and maintaining a website as simple as editing text files
  • Fast - Designed with performance in mind, and no database, making Baun blazing fast
  • Flat - Baun is designed as a "flat file" CMS, meaning you can completely forget about MySQL
  • Markdown - Edit your website in your favourite text editor using simple Markdown formatting
  • Twig - Baun uses the Twig templating engine, for powerful and flexible templates
  • Open Source - Baun is completely free and open source, released under the MIT license


Documentation for Baun can be found on the Baun website.


The Framework for Baun is kept in a separate repo. Check out the Framework if you want to contribute to the core.


The bauncms.com site is built using Baun.


Want to contribute to Baun? That's great. Here is where you should go:

Note that pull requests should be limited to one feature/fix per request. Pull requests with multiple features/fixes will be rejected.


Baun was originally created by Gilbert Pellegrom and is currently maintained by Mark Southard. Released under the MIT license.