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Synchronize contents across your Multisite.
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BEA - Content Sync Fusion

Manage content synchronisation across a WordPress multisite.


  • WordPress should be installed as multisite.
  • Require at least WordPress 4.6.x, in order to use the WP_Site_Query.
  • Know and understand the implementation of CRON tasks on a Linux server


Compatible up to WordPress 5.x (Gutenberg is not completely covered at the moment)

Third plugins compatibility


master - in progress

  • Bugfix: fix unwanted publication with pending status
  • Bugfix: fix a bug with manual mode and gutenberg, with unwanted publication on all sites
  • Bugifx: fix a bug with publish/unpublish/publish sequences

3.4.7 - 17 november 2018

  • Bugfix: Create relation when a term already exists with the same on target

3.4.6 - 16 november 2018

  • New: add --quantity param for WP-CLI content-sync-fusion queue pull method
  • Bugfix: Manage fatal error for media sync on specific case
  • Bugfix: Fix notices/warning PHP with admin restriction feature

3.4.5 - 3 october 2018

  • Bugfix: Deleting a debug condition that checks the structure of the table all the time and therefore loss of performance ...

3.4.4 - 2 october 2018

  • Changes: rename 2 hooks name for extend post status for publish/delete
  • Improvement: improve performance for bash CRON with smart param
  • New: add --smart=true param for WP-CLI resync command for improve performance by loop on only emitters blogs from synchronization settings

3.4.3 - 1 october 2018

  • Bugfix: A bug occurred when post is delete, only the first blog work, an orphan is generated for others blogs (introduced on 3.0.1)
  • Improvement: replace error message by warning message on WP-CLI commands
  • Improvement: some code styling / strict tests - 26 september 2018

  • Bugfix: Stop to kill CRON process when an error is occurred

3.4.2 - 26 september 2018

  • Bugfix: trash post is now functionnal (item is deleted from synchro)

3.4.1 - 24 september 2018

  • Feature: add WP-CLI command for get URL of sites with contents synchronized (flush part)

3.4.0 - 20 september 2018

  • Feature: A full refactoring for the bash script to be use with cronjob
  • MAJOR Bugfix: stop to delete emitter file when media is deleted from a receiver
  • Bugfix: allow DB schema change with WP-CLI
  • Bugfix: priorize the synchro in this order: Terms, Attachments and after post type
  • Improvement: some code styling

3.3.2 - September 2018

  • Bugfix: Allow progressbar to be accurate for the resync command
  • Bugfix: Make the synchronisation of terms with parents using the parent receiver id

3.3.1 - July 2018

  • Feature: add WP-CLI command get queue status, stats
  • Feature: add WP-CLI command for get URL of sites with contents need sync (better performance)

3.3 - July 2018

  • Feature: Add param for allow resync for specific receivers on WP-CLI commands
  • Feature: Allow initial sync content during site creation (async process)

3.2.2 - June 2018

  • Feature: Allow use hidden (not public) taxonomy

3.2.1 - June 2018

  • Feature: Add a constant for allow deactivate media synchro

3.2 - Novembre-December 2017 => April 2018

  • Feature: BREAKING, remove old bootstrap script for CRON, now use WP-CLI commands
  • Feature: SEO, add a canonical for synchronized contents to original content
  • Feature: Allow media library shared without files duplication or symlinks
  • Feature: add support for ACF plugin and support complex fields
  • Feature: add support for Revisionize plugin
  • Feature: add support for Multisite Clone Duplicator plugin
  • Feature: add support for The Events Calendar plugins (event/tickets/locations)
  • Feature: add a selector on admin for filter local or remote contents
  • Feature: add a "internal admin notes" into metabox
  • Feature: add a WP-CLI command for allow migration from old plugin version
  • Feature: add an "all" option for emitters and receivers
  • Feature: allow to exclude some ACF fields or ACF group fields or ACF repeater/flexible fields from future updates
  • Bugfix : fix index length for utf8mb4
  • Bugfix : delete relation from custom table when a post is deleted
  • Bugfix : deenqueue non-existent css on admin
  • Bugfix : Fix compat with old WP version <4.6
  • Bugfix : Fix code register synchros

3.0.8 - 30 Oct 2017

  • Feature: Allow to exclude a content for future updates, useful when restriction is deactivated

3.0.7 - 20 Oct 2017

  • Fix P2P synchronisation
  • Fix resync all content tools for CPT excluded from search

3.0.6 - 15 Oct 2017

  • Add Post Type Order addon.

3.0.5 - 07 Oct 2017

  • Allow content resync during blog/site creation
  • Refactoring code for all CLI tools
  • Add blog widget for counter info, and add button for force sync
  • Fix media sync, use a shared folder between blogs
  • Add link action for "resync content" into sites list
  • Add button on queue network page for exec CRON (for debug usage)
  • Fix restriction for attachment
  • Update POT/POT
  • Use string for i18n instead PHP constant

3.0.4 - 27 Sept 2017

  • Fix display admin emitters / receivers column

3.0.3 - 27 Sept 2017

  • Fix infinite loop insertion for taxonomies

3.0.2 - 5 Sept 2017

  • Handle multiple networks for admin option

3.0.1 - 26 July 2017

  • Fix unserialised datas of media after synch
  • Fix conflict with polylang on sync terms

3.0.0 - 29 June 2017

  • Work only on relations table, do not use old meta _origin_key
  • Synchronisations are bidirectional
  • Remove old code from notifications


  • Add filter bea_csf.client.post_type.allow_bidirectional_sync to allow bidirectional synchronisation


  • Fix P2P synchronisation


  • Remove media synchronisation using symlink. Use shared uploads folder.
  • Remove old code for old term meta API.
  • Use term_id instead tt_id.


  • Stable version using WordPress metadata API for Taxonomy.
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