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iSpacewar! : Smartphone version of the world's first video game. Runs actual 1962 code with added touch controls.
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iSpacewar! The world's first video game (1962's 'Spacewar!') running on a simulation of one of the world's first commercially produced computers (DEC's PDP-1) with added touch controls and sizing for smartphone and tablet play. Pure Javascript, works full screen in any modern browser. Runs the actual vintage game program using touch pads as toggle switches and faithfully replicating the CRT.

Maneuver with retros & thruster; avoid star's gravity; Left+Right risks Hyperspace; fuel & torpedos are limited.

Mostly by Andrew Bedno - Hereby released for the betterment of humankind as it has some slick routines worth sharing.

If I had money to burn I'd restore my Apple dev license, drop it into Cordova and publish a native App. Job offers welcome.

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