Tag your vim notes with categories when they apply to multiple things.
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tag forest 0.9.2

Tag your notes when they apply to different categories, and update all those tagged notes at once when you make changes. (Try the example file)


With Pathogen:

  • git clone https://github.com/Corm/tag-forest.git ~/.vim/bundle/

With Vundle:

  • Put Bundle 'Corm/tag-forest' into your ~/.vimrc
  • :BundleInstall


  • Download and unzip all files into the ~/.vim directory (Windows: ~/vimfiles)


Press gy in normal mode to update all notes bound to the one with the cursor on it. Please see the sample notes file for formatting. To add a new note simply put <tags = tag1, tag2, tagN> above your new note and press gy in normal mode.

Tag coloumns are hidden by default using vim's conceal feature. Please use correct syntax formatting and keep a linebreak between all notes and section tags as shown in the example file. Section tags are formatted like tag:

To delete tags put a - in front of them like <tags = bio, -math, science> and press gy.


To Do:

  • Make the process automatic without pressing gy
  • Optimize/impliment in python
  • Drop down menu for adding tags
  • Fix "tag namespace" so that you can have conflicting tag names with different parent tags

Long Term Goal:

Make a spaced repitition program that links in with this to provide targeted review. (only gives your notes on astro physics if it's given you the parent topic's notes first for instance)

In this version:

  • gy doesn't mess with folds!
  • Added - deletion feature
  • Rewrote entire program using indentation to emulate classes (no classes in vimscript...)
  • Fixed a million bugs
  • Indentation is smart now
  • Made updating notes much less jarring. Keeps scroll/view position