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Generic utility plugins for the BepInEx plugin loader (mono)


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BepInEx Utility Plugins

Various universal BepInEx utility plugins for Unity games running on mono. If the game is compiled with IL2CPP, use BepInEx.Utility.IL2CPP instead.

You need to have the latest version of BepInEx 5.x installed for the plugins to work.

How to use

  • Install the latest verion BepInEx 5.x.
  • Download the latest release of the plugin you want.
  • Place the .dll inside your BepInEx\Plugins folder.


Enables toggling full screen with alt+enter on games with it disabled.


Enable window resizing. Must be enabled in the plugin config either by editing the plugin's .cfg file or by using ConfigurationManager


Prevents plugin hotkeys from triggering while typing in an input field.


A simple plugin that shows any log entries marked as "Message" on screen. Plugins generally use the "Message" log level for things that they want the user to read.

How to make my mod compatible?

Use the Logger of your plugin and call its LogMessage method or Log method and pass in LogLevel.Message as a parameter. You don't have to reference this plugin, and everything will work fine if this plugin doesn't exist.

Please avoid abusing the messages! Only show short and clear messages that the user is likely to understand and find useful. Avoid showing many messages in a short succession.


Adds an option to mute a game when it loses focus, i.e. when alt-tabbed. Must be enabled in the plugin config either by editing the plugin's .cfg file or by using ConfigurationManager


Makes sure all event handlers subscribed to commonly used UnityEngine events are executed, even if some of them crash.


If any event handler that has been subscribed to UnityEngine events like "SceneManager.sceneLoaded" crashes, no other event handlers will be executed after this one. This can cause very hard to debug bugs, for example: Plugin A's handler crashes, which causes Plugin B's handler to not run. B's handler was supposed to initialize some fields before other code runs, but it could not do it, so now the code that expected these fields to be initialized will behave in an unexpected way.


A patcher that hooks Assembly.GetTypes() and handles ReflectionTypeLoadException. Useful when game code is using Assembly.GetTypes() without handling the exception, and it crashes on plugin assemblies that have types that can't be loaded.


Reduce unnecessary GC allocations of Unity's IMGUI (OnGUI) interface system. It fixes the passive GC allocations that happen every frame caused by using any OnGUI code at all, and reduces GC allocations for OnGUI code.

Warning: This might cause some GUILayout elements to be drawn differently, especially when using heavily layered GUILayoyut.ExpandHeight / GUILayout.ExpandWidth (more info).


Improves loading times and reduces or eliminates stutter in games that abuse Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets and/or GC.Collect.