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Projects for the BepInEx plugin framework


  1. BepInEx BepInEx Public

    Unity / XNA game patcher and plugin framework

    C# 3.7k 509

  2. HarmonyX HarmonyX Public

    Harmony built on top of MonoMod.RuntimeDetours with additional features

    C# 276 36

  3. BepInEx.Templates BepInEx.Templates Public

    A collection of dotnet templates for BepInEx

    C# 8 7

  4. BepInEx.ConfigurationManager BepInEx.ConfigurationManager Public

    Plugin configuration manager for BepInEx

    C# 194 49

  5. BepInEx.Debug BepInEx.Debug Public

    Tools for debugging and developing BepInEx plugins

    C# 73 22

  6. BepInEx.Utility BepInEx.Utility Public

    Generic utility plugins for the BepInEx plugin loader

    C# 68 8


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