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When you have built a new Calva extension VSIX file you should put it through some quick testing to check that it is not totally broken. Blow some smoke into the build and confirm that no smoke leaks out. This is until we automate these smoke tests. Which you are encouraged to look into.

Check the following things in order.

Calva activates

You will see this in the Calva says output channel.

Syntax highlighting works

NB: Rainbow parens sometimes fail to activate. Reload the window to try wake it.

Formattimng works

  • Formatting current form (press tab at a strategic point in the file)
  • Auto-indent (press enter at a strategic point in the file)

Paredit works

Paredit activation is currently glitchy, try switching focus back and forth from and to the file to wake Paredit up.

Jack in works

Use your favourite project. This is enough in most cases. But depending on the nature of your change, you might want to cover some different project types and combos:

  • Leiningen
  • Clojure CLI
  • shadow-cljs
  • Figwheel Main
  • Figwheel Legacy
  • shadow-cljs
  • Nashorn
  • Custom Jack-in/Connect sequences

REPL Window

Evaluate a form in the REPL Window.

Connect works

You can test this on a project you have jacked in to.

In-Editor REPL

  • Load a file
  • Hover docs on some symbols.
  • Peek definition (ctrl/cmd while hovering)
  • Go to definition (ctrl/cmd click symbol)
  • Evaluate some code
  • Evaluate some coee with pprint toggled on and off

Be Creative

And please help keeping this page updated with things you think it is important to do in a smoke test.