Plugin for resharper, for converting code for async.
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This is an implementation of a ReSharper Plugin that converts your synchronous code to it's asynchronous version and helps you to write your own asynchronous applications.

Convert Any Method to It's Async Implementation

AsyncConverter can:

  1. Replace a returning type with generic or non-generic Task<T> or Task
  2. Rename a hierarchy of overridden methods from <MethodName> to <MethodName>Async
  3. Add the System.Threading.Tasks to a usings declaration
  4. Analyze a method body and replace the every synchronous call with it's async implementation if exists.
  5. Analyze a method body and replace the every .Result call with the await call.
  6. Analyze usage of a processed method. If the method is called from async context the AsyncConverter will replace it's call with the await expression, otherwise it will just call .Result or .Wait()

Replacing Value


Value Replacement

In case that an expected returning type is Task<int> but an actual returning type is int, AsyncConverter will notice you that you can wrap a returning value with Task.FromResult().

Replacing Value

Return null as Task

If expected returning type is Task or Task<T> but null is returned instead, AsyncConverter warn you that execution point can await expected 'Task' and get NullReferenceException.

Return Null As Task

Async suffix in a method name

AsyncConverter will suggest you to add the Async suffix to an asynchronous method name in all cases except:

  1. Classes inherited from Controller or ApiController
  2. Methods of test classes. NUnit, XUnit and MsUnit are supported. This may be turn off in Resharper → Options → Code Inspection → Async Converter → Async Suffix

Suggesting method name with Async suffix

Suggesting to configure an every await expression with ConfigureAwait

Suggesting ConfigureAwait

Suggesting to use the async method if exists

If a synchronous method is called in the async context and it's asynchronous implementation is exists (e.g method has same signature Async suffix and Task or Task<T> as the returning type) AsyncConverter will suggest you to use this asynchronous implementation.

Do not suggest to use obsolete async methods.

Suggesting method name with Async suffix

Async/await ignoring

An await expression can be ignored if this await expression is the single in a method and awaited value is returned from a method.

Suggesting method name with Async suffix