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SAMPLauncherNET is a launcher for San Andreas Multiplayer

Why not the native San Andreas Multiplayer launcher?

SAMPLauncherNET is a more modern approach to San Andreas Multiplayer. It is capable to do more things than the native San Andreas Multiplayer launcher.

How to use it?

Download and move the binaries into any directory you prefer, which should have read and write permissions.

Where can I get a current build of SAMPLauncherNET?

You can check the releases out in

What features does it provide?

Check out the launcher features at

How to contribute to this project?

Fork this project, commit your changes and create a pull request.


Translation files are located at , pick up en-GB.json, create a copy and rename it to the language's language tag you want to translate. For example the language tag of spanish in Spain is es-ES.


You can change anything within the source code to contribute.

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