Sleek Loading Indicator for React Native
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Sleek Loading Indicator for React Native

I was looking for a drop-in, lightweight and cool looking loading component for my app. I couldn't find one so, I wrote it myself. A sleek loading indicator for React Native apps for iOS and Android.

In action on iOS

In action on Android


Install the package

npm install react-native-sleek-loading-indicator --save
const SleekLoadingIndicator = require('react-native-sleek-loading-indicator');

const MyView = React.createClass({
   render() {
    if (this.state.loading) {
      return (<SleekLoadingIndicator loading={this.state.loading} />);
   } else {
     //.... Do my stuff


  • text (Optional) - Custom text can be provided.
  • loading (bool | required) - tells the component to show/hide loading indicator.


  • Light theme for dark backgrounds.
  • Animation when component disappears from view.

Contribution Guide

Feel free to fork the repo, add feature and send me a pull request.

Note from author

Gimme a buzz @BilalBudhani If you've questions, suggestions or just wanna say Hi.

MIT Licensed