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Package: BiocParallel
Type: Package
Title: Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation
Version: 1.11.6
Authors@R: c(
person("Bioconductor Package Maintainer",
email="", role="cre"),
person("Martin", "Morgan", role="aut"),
person("Valerie", "Obenchain", role="aut"),
person("Michel", "Lang", email="", role="aut"),
person("Ryan", "Thompson", email="", role="aut"))
Description: This package provides modified versions and novel
implementation of functions for parallel evaluation, tailored to
use with Bioconductor objects.
biocViews: Infrastructure
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3
SystemRequirements: C++11
Depends: methods
Imports: stats, utils, futile.logger, parallel, snow
Suggests: BiocGenerics, tools, foreach, BatchJobs, BBmisc,
doParallel, Rmpi, GenomicRanges, RNAseqData.HNRNPC.bam.chr14, Rsamtools,
GenomicAlignments, ShortRead, codetools, RUnit, BiocStyle, knitr
Collate: AllGenerics.R BiocParallelParam-class.R
bploop.R ErrorHandling.R log.R
bpbackend-methods.R bpisup-methods.R bplapply-methods.R
bpmapply-methods.R bpiterate-methods.R bpschedule-methods.R
bpstart-methods.R bpstop-methods.R bpvec-methods.R
bpvectorize-methods.R bpworkers-methods.R bpaggregate-methods.R
bpvalidate.R SnowParam-class.R MulticoreParam-class.R register.R
SerialParam-class.R DoparParam-class.R SnowParam-utils.R
BatchJobsParam-class.R progress.R ipcmutex.R utilities.R
LinkingTo: BH
VignetteBuilder: knitr