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BeesBook: Tracking All Honeybees in the Observation Hive Over Their Lifetimes

This page gives an overview about the required hard- and software to setup a BeesBook System.

Want to know what the BeesBook system is? Read these papers:

Want to set up a BeesBook system and want to know what to buy? Check out our shopping list on Google Docs:

HD Recording

The following software is required for long-term recording of HD videos.


The board layout and arduino code to run the flash boards and camera triggers can be found here:


The code to record video data from XIMEA or FLEA3 cams can be found here:

Software to generate image statistics during the recording can be found here:

Software for a live display of images, decodings, population, and more can be found here:

Video Archival Storage

Code to send the generated video files to an arbitrary mount can be found here:

Processing HD images

The following tools are required to process the video files and extract individual bee detections and tracks.

Localizing and Detection Pipeline

The toolchain to localize bees and decode tags in images and videos can be found here:

The resulting data will be stored in the bb_binary format

Bee Tracking

The software to apply camera homographies, link detections (marked and unmarked) over time, assign unique track identifiers, and correct tag decoding errors can be found here:


Helper tools to interact with a database based on the tracking results can be found here:

Helper tools to convert and draw BeesBook tags, detect fiducial markers, and more can be found here:

Software for a server that can be used in an API to retrieve image data from frame IDs can be found here:

Android-App to decode markers with your phone:

High-Speed Waggle Dance Recognition

The waggle dance software needs at least 60FPS cameras (low resolution is fine). It can be found here: