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Host your API Blueprints in an website.

Published Artefacts

  • CI Build Build status
  • Nuget Nuget


  • Scans a terget folder (and all sub-folders) for blueprint markdown files (*.md)
  • Loads all found markdown files and parse them into blueprint api markdown format using
  • a HTTP Module will intercept any matching request to a blueprint's action throught its URI Template and respond with the blueprint's specified first response.

Mock Server logic

  • All HTTP requests are intercepted using a HttpModule
  • We try to find a matching blueprintbased on the following logic
    • A Request's path must match a blueprint's URITemplate
    • HTTP Method must match (GET, POST, etc.) OR it is an OPTIONS request
      • OPTIONS response is still in development for now
    • Find an example (request/response pair) that match the request Headers and Body
      • incoming request must contain all header keys and exact values as in the blueprint example
      • Body is then matched differently based on Content-Type
        • JSON is deserialised and compared as two in-memeory objects (deep equality check using reflection)
        • everything else is stripped off any whitespace and checked as string equality
    • Respond with the matching example's response and stop any further pipeline processing.
  • if no matching blueprint found for that request, then the request continue its journey to the pipeline to be processed as normal (be it WebForms, or MVC, or even WebAPI).


  • CORS is not fully supported (specifically the OPIONS verb)
  • URL Parameters are not currently supported
  • Model/Schema is not validated
  • will only capture and use the first (ordinal based) valid matching request/response (action) pair from the blueprint.

Known issues

  • SnowCrash.NET is a CLR/Native C++ DLL compiled in 32bit architecture. You will need some tweak to get it to work.
    1. Install Visual C++ Runtime 2012, you can find it in this MSDN URL
    2. Make sure you enable 32bit applications in your IIS APP Pool.
    3. (Not sure if really needed) Grant filesystem access (read + execute) to your App Pool identity to the physical folder of the website.


Host your API Blueprints in an website.







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