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Bitnation Pangea

Pangea is a fullstack blockchain jurisdiction. It's created by BITNATION, the world's first Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). This reposity contains the ios/android interface.

Table of Contents

Project Setup

  1. Get node (LTS)
  2. Clone this project
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm run ios or npm run android to start your project in the simulator


start: Start web app in development mode

ios: Run app on IOS simulator

android: Run app on Android simulator

build: Build and watch app

test: Run app tests

test:watch: Run app tests with live watching files

test:coverage Run tests and create coverage directory with information about code test coverage

Folder structure

The folder structure is as follwoing:

  • src mocks: Folder with mocks needed in tests tests: Application tests
    • actions: The action creators
    • components: Stateless functional components, only UI logic
    • containers: React Components including business logic
    • images: Icons/images
    • reducers: Reducers Redux functions
    • services: API wrappers
    • styles: css and js stylesheets
    • configureStore.js: Return new redux store
    • index.js: Main web application file
    • Main mobile application file

Development Guidelines

We are following the Airbnb Guidelines

There is already a .eslintrc.json file containing the specifications, you just need to integrate it on your favorite editor.

Git Workflow

We are using this branching model.

Permanent Branches:

  • master (protected, contains last release)
  • development (protected, current development status)


  • A commit message should look like this [git] added .idea to .gitignore. Make sure that you add a "topic", e.g. [git].
  • Don't make monster commits (commits that contain e.g. 1000 changes in 70 files).

Branch naming

  • Features: feature/<feature-name-and-or-issue-number>.
  • Fix: fix/<issue-id>.
  • Hotfix: hotfix/<issue-id>.

Pull Request Proccess

  1. Write tests for the code you added.
  2. Make sure the the CI pass.
  3. Create your pull request.
  4. Request a reviewer (yes, the project the core team too please).



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