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Projac is a set of .NET libraries that allow you to author projections targeting various backing stores and is easy to integrate with existing event stores such as EventStore and SQLStreamStore. Join the chat at https://gitter.im/yreynhout/Projac

It's available on both NuGet & MyGet:

The custom MyGet feed can be found here.

Important Changes

If you're using a version prior to 0.1.0, not only has your cheese been moved, it probably has been broken in unexpected places. Please check out the changes made in 0.1.0 as well as the how do I upgrade to 0.1.0 guide. If you want to keep your cheese as is, you can always fork this code base and use the legacy branch.


  • Date, DateTime, DateTime2, Money data types in TSql by @xt0rted
  • The positional syntax suggestion by @tojans.
  • Decimal data type in SqlClientSyntax by @ritasker