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Neo-Obs demo

neo-obs is a CLI application which aims to bring the ease of using neo object storage directly from your terminal.

Did you ever want to use the full power of object storage directly from terminal?. neo-obs created for the reason. Not only that, but this app can also manage storage as an admin, such as Cloudian CMC.


$ pip install neo-obs
$ obs --configure


  • Supports for common commands for managing storage: ls, rm, get, put, cp, mv du, info, sets ACL, presign URL create bucket, etc.
  • Common commands for admin: ls users, user info, rm user, set QoS, etc.
  • Support Cloudian HyperStore extension feature. e.g x-gmt-policyid
  • Can be used as library for your next object storage application.

Take the tour

Move object into other bucket

$ obs storage mv s3://awesomebuck/TODO s3://duckduckbuck/
Object "TODO" moved to "awesomebuck" bucket successfully

Get user info

$ obs admin user info --user-id johndoe --group-id awesome
ID: johndoe
Name: John Doe
Address: 456 Shakedown St
City: Portsmouth
Group ID: awesome
Canonical ID: 5ac765187f93d3f1cef81fake123
Active: true

Show user's credentials

$ obs admin cred ls --user-id johndoe --group-id awesome
Access Key: 394b287c9efakekey
Secret Key: mq7Pn8bonHNfTjfakekey1234
Created: 2017-11-10 03:19:18+0700 (WIB)
Active: True

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