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Addvilz commented Dec 4, 2020

What is your current rclone version (output from rclone version)?


What problem are you are trying to solve?

Trying to prevent default password from being generated and added when htpasswd option is used. Since htpasswd is present, there generally should be no need for credentials besides those in htpasswd.

How do you think rclone should be changed to solve tha


SeaweedFS is a distributed object store and file system to store and serve billions of files fast! Object store has O(1) disk seek, transparent cloud integration. Filer supports cross-cluster active-active replication, Kubernetes, POSIX, S3 API, encryption, Erasure Coding for warm storage, FUSE mount, Hadoop, WebDAV.

  • Updated Jan 20, 2021
  • Go
MalloZup commented Jan 11, 2021


I have noticed that our cli is not consistent with the usage of . at the end of lines


  tools bucket verify [<flags>]
    Verify all blocks in the bucket against specified issues. NOTE: Depending on issue this might take time and will need downloading all specified blocks to disk.

  tools bucket ls [<flags>]
    List all blocks in the bucket

  tools buck
jspeedz commented Sep 5, 2019

What went wrong?

I'm getting deprecation warnings with openSSL encryption.

[2019/09/05 08:38:52][info] Using Encryptor::OpenSSL to encrypt the archive.
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] Pipeline STDERR Messages:
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] (Note: may be interleaved if multiple commands returned error messages)
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn]
[2019/09/05 08:40:22][warn] *** WARNING : depre

odidev commented Jul 30, 2020

I am working on adding an ARM64 job in Travis. ARM64 job is failing as docker image chubaofs/cfs-base:1.1 is not available for arm64.

Please check for the same.

I have built ARM64 binaries in ARM64 platform using below steps:

  • Removed -Werror flag from rocksdb Makefile as deprecated warnings are being treated as errors.
ppwwyyxx commented Sep 17, 2020

Problem description

Be able to read public GCS files without providing credentials.

Steps/code to reproduce the problem

path = "gs://tensorflow-nightly/prod/tensorflow/release/ubuntu_16/gpu_py37_full/nightly_release/18/20190813-010608/github/tensorflow/pip_pkg/tf_nightly_gpu-1.15.0.dev20190813-cp37-cp37m-linux_x86_64.whl"

import smart_open
    f = smart_open.s

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