Starter Faucet is an open-source faucet coin giveaway. It aims to allow people to set up faucets with ease and allow them to be maintained and easily used.
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Starter Faucet

Starter Faucet is an open-source faucet coin giveaway script. It aims to allow people to set up faucets with ease and allow them to be easily maintained and used.

Getting Started

To get started and set up Starter Faucet all you have to do is to first upload all of the files, then you have to edit "configuration.php" which can be found inside the functions/classes. Once you open that file read what to put where. Also make sure that you give the site a good test before making it live, and keeping all of that information secure.


  • API Key (Coinbase)
  • Webhost which supports PHP
  • (Optional but recommended) reCAPTCHA private / public key


There are still some ideas I have but I am not sure when or if they will be included, any issues or suggestions feel free to make a request here.


I am not sure when (or even if I will) next update this project, but I do have some plans which could be possible in the future.

  • More API Providers, this is something which is a high priority, especially if it enables additional cryptocurrencies.
  • Allow a leaderboard of top donations, this would allow the top donators to be listed automatically.

About the project

Starter Faucet is open source, this means that anyone can review the code, fork their own changes, and / or merge them into the master branch. The license is GPL 2, more information can be found in the LICENSE file which can be used to see what is allowed to be used with the script. I will keep a best effort to keep the code updated, bug free, add new features and provide basic support.

It was also made to be fully function without using any database software, which elimiates a lot of hassle of setting up tables, users, permissions, etc. But you still have to do a few configuration options (located: functions/classes/configuration.php).

Thanks, hope you enjoy using Starter Faucet!