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pspWxp - PlayStation Portable Portal

An app for your PlayStation Portable which allows you to create, edit and share documents.

It consists of offline webpage(s) that go onto your PSP's memory card. This allows you to view these webpages without being connected to the internet. The webpages contain applications and games which can be easily opened from within the Internet browser.


  • Web Browser
  • File Viewer
  • Calculator
  • Drawing Application
  • Change desktop background
  • Loads of Applications:
    • Browser Info
    • Calculator
    • Calender
    • Conversion
    • Country Info
    • Day Born
    • Distance calc
    • File Viewer
    • Games Lists
    • Internet
    • Periodic table
    • PSP Draw
    • Romen No.
    • State info
    • Stopwatch
    • Text Editor
  • Loads of games:
    • Battleships
    • Blackjack
    • Box-In
    • Breakout
    • 5 Card Stud
    • Hangman
    • Guess Country
    • Checkers
    • Connect 4
    • Demolition
    • Draw Poker
    • Face
    • Memory
    • Mind Reader
    • Minesweeper
    • Pegs
    • Pong!
    • Reflex Test
    • 8 Queens
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Squares
    • Switch Off
    • Tetris
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Tower of Hanoi
    • Yahtzee

Installing pspWxp

  1. Download
  2. Unzip to a folder on your hard drive
  3. Plug in the PSP using the USB cable
  4. Copy the folder "pspWxp" (without quotes) directly onto the PSP's memory card. (most likely E:\)
  5. Unplug the USB cable after it has finished copying
  6. Go into the internet browser of the PSP
  7. Type in the address "file:/pspWxp/index.htm" (without quotes)
  8. Press enter
  9. Press Triangle to hide the browser's toolbars (press triangle again to show it)
  10. You should now be at the Windows XP desktop. If not, go to troubleshooting.

Setting pspWxp as home page

This will allow the webpage to be opened immediatly on the browser.

  1. Follow the steps above to get to the desktop
  2. Press triangle to reveal the toolbars
  3. Using the arrow keys, go to tools and press X
  4. Select Settings and press X
  5. Select Home Page Settings and click X
  6. Select Use Current Page and press X
  7. Select OK and press X
  8. Press Circle and then triangle to return to the desktop

Opening a program on the desktop

  1. Using the analog stick, move the cursor over the program icon
  2. Press X

Opening the Start menu

  1. Use the analog stick to move the cursor over the Start button
  2. Press X

Opening a program or submenu in the start menu

  1. Follow the steps above to open the start menue
  2. Move the cursor over the program/submenu name/icon
  3. Press X

How to change the theme

  1. Follow the instructions to install pspWxp if you haven't already
  2. Download the theme installer from the downloads section
  3. Put this file in an empty folder on you computer
  4. Download a theme
  5. Extract the zipped theme folder to pspwxp folder:
  6. Run Theme.exe and plug your PSP in
  7. Double click the folder of the theme in the folder selection box. It is important you double click not single click.
  8. Select the drive of your PSP. It Usually E:, but only select it if you are sure.
  9. Click OK. It may take a few minutes.
  10. Follow the instructions to get to the desktop. If the desktop does not appear correctly, you may have installed the wrong folder or you may need an updated version of pspWxp. Go to the forums for help on solving a problem.


Q. I get a message saying "The content connot be displayed"

A. First make sure you typed in the address right (file:/pspWxp/index.htm). If the error still occurs, you may not have put the files in the right place. Follow step one to try again. If that also fails, it's probably a bug. Post it on the forums and I should be able to fix it._

Q. I can't get to the desktop after the loading screen OR the text on the desktop and the start menu look squashed

A. The display mode must be set to normal. Change it by pressing triangle to bring up the toolbar and scroll to View and press X. Change the Display mode to Normal.

Q. I do not here the welcome sound.

A. You must have flash on your PSP. This is included with firmware version 2.7 (or later) and must be enabled through system settings. Please make sure Key Tones in settings are switched on, it's the only way to here sound from flash

Q. The welcome sound seems garbled

A. Wait for pspWxp to load, the loading screen will automatically disappear

Q. I receive the error "Out of memory".

A. The PSP has run out of memory and the internet browser must be refreshed


This is NOT homebrew - it is a set of webpages. It will not hurt you PSP in any way. By installing pspWxp you are NOT voiding your warrenty. It's just like a website but it is offline, meaning you do not need to be connected to the internet to use it. pspWxp just opens in the intenet browser. It is free and totally LEGAL.

BlazeByte and any developers of pspWxp take no responsiblity for loss of data and/or damage to your PSP/hardware. This software is safe and should not cause any of the above.


A very big thank you to:

  • Bigbondfan for graphics, development, further coding and distribution. Also for the website and the forums at
  • TombstoneTim for games, applications and some code.
  • ChrisW92 for some games, apps and suggestions (login, shut down etc)
  • Critique and contributions from Ocean19, RBSIS, Hunter Onhika, GameBox 47, gta_boy, littlevish, brin_vg, weirdpeople, King666 and dark_nano
  • The Sheriff - MSN Messenger
  • christek - PSPhone
  • Colt for translating pspWxp to Spanish
  • ASR for great base code and concept.
  • The winpsportal team
  • Moderators on the pspwxp forum
  • Anyone who submitted a theme!

Copyright 2005-2014 BlazeByte


An app for your PlayStation Portable which allows you to create, edit and share documents.






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