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Blocks one

In this repository you will find the firmware source code, BOM, STLs of the printed parts and frames for the Blocks one 3D printer

Updating the firmware:

  • Download and install Cura 15.02.1: Win / Mac
  • Download the HEX file
  • Connect your USB printer cable
  • Open Cura and select menu "Machine" -> "Install custom firmware"
  • Select the downloaded HEX file.
  • Wait for the upload to finish and press "OK"

In case the update does not start, please verify the "Serial port" and "Baudrate" (250000) settings in the menu "Machine" -> "Machine settings".



  • Homing after print bug solved


  • USB communication bug solved
  • Baudrate changed to 250000


  • New load/unload filament routine
  • Option to clean the nozzle before bed level
  • Thermal runaway safety feature
  • Filament runout (needs printing new extruder and adding a microswitch to work)
  • Reversed direction of the LCD knob


Blocks one is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


The firmware was based on Marlin and