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Bloody( tools )

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Automation tool for several different aspects of all dps and some tank specs in World of Warcraft using SimulationCraft. Ingame customization and number tuning make decision making without external help a bloody hell.


You need


Download or clone this repository into the SimulationCraft directory. simulationcraft\bloodytools

Setup - Short

Start python environement. Install dependencies.

$ <env_name>\Scripts\active
(<env_name>)$ pip install -U -r .\requirements.txt

Setup - First Timers

  • Get Git
  • Get Python 3.6, pay attention to install into path (checkbox).
  • [Windows] Start the Commandline or PowerShell
  • [Linux] Start a Terminal
  • python --version should return the python 3.6 version number you installed, if it doesn't, try python3 --version. Use whatever (python/python3) returned the correct version in the next step
  • Create a virtual 3.6 environment inside bloodytools directory (you might need to start the commandline on windows as administrator to do so), python3 -m venv env
  • Start the virtual env you just created
    • [Windows] env/Scripts/activate
    • [Linux] source env/bin/activate
  • "(env)" should appear in front of your line
  • Check python version again: python --version
  • python -m pip install --upgrade pip to update the installer of extra tools
  • pip install -r requirements.txt Congratulations, you're ready to execute the command of Getting started in your already open Commandline/Powershell/Terminal.

Getting started

Edit to your liking using a text editor like Notepad++. Start python environement. Start bloodytools.

$ <env_name>/Scripts/activate
$ cd bloodytools/bloodytools/
(<env_name>)$ python


If you see a lack of features somewhere or ways to improve the quality of the code, please contact me or create an issue.


Meet me in Discord. There is a channel #bloodmallet. My username is Bloodmallet(EU)#8246.

Support the creator

If you want to support the development: PayPal link Patreon link


Bloodytools merges multiple different input generators into one system. Offers data generation for Azerite Traits, Trinkets, Races, and Secondary Distributions.




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