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This was a very well-thought-out approach when I invented it. However, since then, I've adopted the micropackage apporach to software platforms; rather than one all-trades set of libraries, instead I now prefer several small special-purpose libraries. I publish these under the RougeWare brand.

I'm keeping this repository public because I'm proud of what I did here, and vitrifying it with this note to let it be known that I no longer agree with it.

Blue Husky Software Platform 1.1

The platform upon which Blue Husky software will be build henceforth.


The Software Platform has distinctly separate components, kept separate to encourage modular and functional architectures.

Code Repositories

There are 27 repositories that make up the platform:

Platform \ Module Basics UI IO
Cross-Platform Blue Base/Core💤 Husky UI/Core💤 Husky IO/Core💤
JVM-only Blue Base/JVM🆕 Husky UI/JVM🆕 Husky IO/JVM 🚫
JS-only Blue Base/JS 🚫 Husky UI/JS 🚫 Husky IO/JS 🚫
Android-only Blue Base/Android🚫 Husky UI/Android🚫 Husky IO/Android 🚫
Apple Shared Blue Base/Foundation 🚫 Husky UI/Foundation 🚫 Husky IO/Foundation 🚫
macOS-only Blue Base/macOS 🚫 Husky UI/macOS 🚫 Husky IO/macOS 🚫
iOS-only Blue Base/iOS 🚫 Husky UI/iOS 🚫 Husky IO/iOS 🚫
Win32-only Blue Base/Win32 🚫 Husky UI/Win32 🚫 Husky IO/Win32 🚫
Linux-only Blue Base/Linux 🚫 Husky UI/Linux 🚫
Husky UI/Gnome 🚫
Husky IO/Linux 🚫
  • Blue Base is the base foundation upon which all future Blue Husky apps will be written.
  • Husky IO is the default I/O tools for Blue Husky software.
  • Husky UI is the default UI tools for Blue Husky software.

💤 Not yet separated into subrepos
🆕 Recently created
🚫 Not yet created

Abstract Structure