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PowerShell | BrocadeICX

Module and script collection for PowerShell to administrate Brocade ICX switches over SSH.


This module and collection of usefull scripts, allows you to administrate your Brocade ICX switches over SSH-Protocol with the Windows PowerShell.

With the "BrocadeICX" module you can establish a connection via SSH to one ore more Brocade ICX switch devices and executing commands without receiving the following error message: ☺Protocol error, doesn't start with scp!

You can write tasks like backup the configuration to a TFTP server or get and set VLANs on an interface.


How to install the module?

  • Download the latest version of the module and all scripts from GitHub (latest release)
  • Copy the folder Module\BrocadeICX in your profile under C:\Users\%username%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
  • Open up a PowerShell as an admin and set the execution policy: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Import the "BrocadeICX"-Module with the command Import-Module BrocadeICX (Maybe add this command to your PowerShell profile)

Available functions:

Folder: Core

Function Description Help
Get-ICXSession Get a Brocade ICX session 📖
Invoke-ICXCommand Invoke an SSH command in a Brocade ICX sessions 📖
New-ICXSession Create a new Brocade ICX sessions over SSH 📖
Remove-ICXSession Remove a Brocade ICX session 📖
Test-ICXSession Test if a session is a valid Brocade ICX session 📖

Folder: Interface

Function Description Help
Get-ICXInterface Get interface(s) from a Brocade ICX switch 📖

Folder: VLAN

Function Description Help
Get-ICXVLAN Get VLAN from a Brocade ICX switch 📖
Test-ICXVLAN Test if a VLAN exist on a Brocade ICX switch 📖


How to install the scripts?

  • Copy the folder Scripts to any location you want.

Available scripts:

Script Description Help


Supported devices (others may also work)

  • ICX6430-24/48
  • FastIron WS 624/48