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A command line utility that converts TypeScript definitions (d.ts files) to ActionScript classes and interfaces and generates a SWC file. Use these SWCs with Apache FlexJS for strict compile-time type checking, as if the JavaScript library were written in ActionScript. Add the SWCs to IDEs, like Flash Builder and IntelliJ IDEA, and you'll get helpful code suggestions as you type.


Requires Node.js.

npm install -g dts2as


dts2as hello.d.ts
dts2as file1.d.ts file2.d.ts
dts2as --outSWC hello.swc hello.d.ts
dts2as --outDir ./as3-files file.d.ts
dts2as --exclude com.example.SomeType file.d.ts

The following arguments are available:

  • -outSWC FILE

    Generate a compiled SWC file. Requires either FLEX_HOME environment variable or --flexHome option.

  • -outDir DIRECTORY

    Generate ActionScript files in a specific output directory. Defaults to ./dts2as_generated.

  • --flexHome DIRECTORY

    Specify the directory where Apache FlexJS is located. Defaults to FLEX_HOME environment variable, if available.

  • --moduleMetadata

    Adds [JSModule] metadata to CommonJS modules. If a module is used in code, Apache FlexJS will automatically require it.

  • -e SYMBOL or --exclude SYMBOL

    Specify the fully-qualified name of a symbol to exclude when emitting ActionScript.

  • -i SYMBOL or --include SYMBOL

    Specify the fully-qualified name of a symbol to include when emitting ActionScript. Excludes all other symbols.

  • -t VERSION or --target VERSION

    Specify ECMAScript target version for the TypeScript standard library: 'ES3', 'ES5' (default), or 'ES6'

  • -v or --version

    Print the version of dts2as.

Compiling with Apache FlexJS

To use the generated SWC file with Apache FlexJS, append it to the external library path:

asjsc --external-library-path+=generated.swc src/MyProject.as

For more details, please read the following tutorial:

Introduction to dts2as: Using TypeScript definitions with ActionScript

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